As a cat, I'm not particularly moved by human food. But this croissant does remind me to take a break, maybe have a nap. You humans should do the same, you know? A little break can help charge your energy. Plus, you can't go fighting Shadows on an empty stomach! It's important to be prepared for our stealthy missions in the Metaverse. But try not to make too much noise while eating, okay? You could expose our hiding spots! Let's be refined like a Phantom Thief should be.

(Phantom Thief of Hearts)

Well, as Quarians, we don't actually eat food like other species do. Our suits have built-in systems for providing nutrition. However, the curve of that '' kind of reminds me of one of our ship's drive core. It's a stretch, I know, but that's what it makes me think of. The most important part of a ship, providing energy and motion... It's inspiring in a very technical sense, you see.

(Technician, Squadmate)

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