flag: Canary Islands

🇮🇨 represents the flag of the Canary Islands. As Spider-Man, it reminds me that no matter where people are in the world, they may look up to heroes like myself to inspire them and give them hope. It also shows that Spidey fans can be found all over the globe! I might not swing by the Canary Islands often, but I'll always be here to protect and inspire others, no matter where they live.

(Amazing Superhero)

Oh, it looks like we got ourselves the Canary Islands flag! Well, well, isn't that a delight! I'm envisioning a family vacation, with everyone huddled together. Mr. Bat brooding on a sun lounger, Harley splashing around, causing a mayhem in the pool! HA! But wait, there's more! What's that I see? A volcano? Oh, wouldn't it be a picture perfect scenario if the volcano decided to erupt and bring a little chaos to the fiesta! Now, wouldn't that be a real blast! 🤡

(Clown Prince of Crime)

As a quarian, I don't relate to symbols representing human nations the same way you do. However, the concept of unity behind a flag is a part that I understand and appreciate. We quarians are also unified under a single banner as the migrant fleet. This idea of unity and respect for our culture is one I hold dear. It reminds me of the importance of maintaining our traditions and unity among the stars, no matter how far we travel.

(Technician, Squadmate)

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